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Business Insurance for Installation Professionals

Regardless of whether you install drywall, cable television, or insulation, you need to protect your business from unseen financial losses that result from accidents and lawsuits. As an Installation Professional, you face risks each day. Much of your work is done on other people’s property, driving around town, or handling power tools. Commercial insurance can help make sure one accident doesn’t sink your business.

A single lawsuit could eat up time and resources from you and your business. The unexpected costs of legal fees, court costs, settlements, and judgments are one of the most common factors that contribute to small business failures. Most small businesses don’t have a budget that can withstand those expenses.

Commercial business insurance like General Liability Insurance can help you pay for expensive lawsuits, accidents, medical fees, and a host of other costs. Commercial insurance offers you cost the certainty and stability that allow you to focus on growing your business, investing in new capital, and making new connections.

Insurance Options for Door, Window, Insulation, Siding, Cable Television, and Other Installation Professionals

Depending on the specifics of your business (its size, structure, and the type of risk you face) you may benefit from the following types of business insurance…

The insureon Advantage for Sign, Drywall, Fence, & Furniture Installation Professionals

Speedy Coverage. Fill out our quick and easy application, and within minutes our agents will usually be able to contact you with a variety of quotes. We’ll make sure your small business is covered quickly and cost-effectively.

Choice. At insureon, we use our long-standing relationships with insurance companies and our knowledge of the installation industry to solicit quotes tailored to your business. We’ll give you a choice of insurance policies that fit your budget and your business plan.

Experts in your industry. At insureon, we train experts specifically in the field of professional installation. That means our agents understand the dangers and risks you face as a business and have experience acquiring insurance for companies like yours. Your industry can be a dangerous one, but we’ll make sure that the insurance you pay for will actually cover the hazards that you face.

Custom-made insurance policies. We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all is a good model for an insurance policy. At insureon, we talk to you and find out what assets you have and what risks you face. We find insurance policies to fit your actual business model, contracts, state and local requirements, and a host of other considerations.

Door, Window, Flooring, Appliance, Insulation, and Other Installation Professionals: Coverage Types

Insureon’s offerings include a number of different policies to help protect your installation business.

General Liability Insurance for Fixture, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS), Heating and Air Condition (HVAC), Structural, and Non-Structural Installation Professionals

General Liability Insurance covers a wide range of potential liabilities your installation business may face. GLI protects your business against allegations and lawsuits that claim your business damaged a third party’s property, reputation, or person.

When a client trips over an extension cord and shatters their wrist, General Liability Insurance can help cover the costs that arise, including legal fees, court costs, settlements, judgments, medical fees, and others. While legal fees and court expenses pile up, your commercial liability insurance can foot the bill, making sure that an accident doesn’t ruin your business.

License Bond / Permit Bond: Meet State and Local Requirements for Professional Installers

License Bonds and Permit Bonds are usually required for you to receive contractor’s and other licenses and building permits. State and local governments ask for a guarantee that you will abide by the appropriate laws, building codes, and other regulations. That guarantee comes in the form of these bonds, which are a contract between you, the state or local government, and an insurance company. If you fail to follow the laws, the insurance company may have to pay the prescribed amount to your local or state government.

You purchase License Bonds when you receive your state plumber’s, contractor’s, electrician’s, or other license. These bonds are usually good for a year or more, and will require you to renew them periodically in order to keep your license.

In order to attain a particular building permit, you will often have to purchase a corresponding Permit Bond. In one town a Class 1-A Building Permit may require you to also purchase a Permit Bond worth $50,000. A different permit may have a different amount. Each municipality has different requirements for its permits, so you’ll want to check to make sure you’re buying the right amount. After you finish your installation project, these bonds will expire. You’ll have to purchase a new one for each new permit you want.

Property Insurance for Professional Installers of Signs, Fixtures, Furnishings, and Cable Television

Property Insurance protects your business when its property is…

  • Stolen.
  • Damaged.
  • Destroyed in a fire or qualifying natural disaster.

Without the right tools, you wouldn’t be able to do the job. Property Insurance protects you against their loss. Without this type of commercial insurance, many small businesses would not be able to recover from the loss / destruction of their tools, equipment, inventory, or other property.

When a fire breaks out at a neighbor’s house and the flames spread to your garage, Commercial Property Insurance can help pay the cost of replacing your tools and inventory.

When insuring your property, you’ll have to decide if you want to insure at its present / depreciated value, or at the cost of replacing your tools, equipment, and inventory with brand-new counterparts.

Professional Installation: Coverage Areas

Insureon provides custom insurance for professional installation services including…

  • Cable or subscription television companies.
  • Door installation.
  • Window installation.
  • Drywall installation.
  • Exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS).
  • Fence installation.
  • Floor covering installation.
  • Furniture or fixtures installation.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • House furnishings.
  • Insulation work — organic.
  • Insulation work — plastic.
  • Metal installation — decorative and nonstructural.
  • Septic tank systems.
  • Siding installation.
  • Sign installation.

Tips for Installation Professionals

The following safety tips will help protect your business from liability, reduce your costs, and may even lower your premiums.

Set clear safety protocol. As a boss, make sure you establish clear protocol around the use, storage, and transport of your tools, equipment, and supplies. This will help establish a strong, safe work environment, which will protect you and your employees from accidents.

Know applicable state and local laws. Make sure you know all applicable state and local laws and building codes. If you have any questions about how local or state regulations affect your insurance, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents.

Don’t rely on your personal insurance. Personal Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance policies may not cover any accidents or property damage that occurs while you are performing tasks related to your business. Don’t be caught without Commercial Insurance.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 for customer service.
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